You’re loved. You’re a beautifully created individual. You’ve been crafted by the Master Craftsmen. You’re a perfect work. You’re the treasured possession of the King of heaven. You’re more significant than you realize. You’re brighter than the stars. You’re more stunning then the sun set. You are exactly who God made you to be. You’re a blessing. You’re a comfort. You’re a light. Thank you for being so perfectly you.

  • agnes grace hanson

    i enjoyed this short story “The Disciple Who Loved Jesus” And I love your quotes and

    other short stories and your books. At this time, i am still reading “God’s Grammar” but

    almost done and i’m reading “look, the finished work of Jesus” all over again” Whatever

    you wrote that didn’t sink deep into my spirit the first time when i read this book through,

    it’s sinking in now this 2nd Time. You are an awesome writer, Mick, and each time i read

    something in your writings i continue to learn more and more of Jesus’ love for me. It’s

    like i can smell that sweet aroma of the love of Jesus as i read. Thank you, again Mick. I

    want to express myself a lot more the way your writings have touched me, but my

    expressions in writing don’t even match up compared to how i have been blessed by you

    through your writing.
    With Christ’s love,
    Agnes grace hanson

  • agnes grace hanson

    may i share “Heaven’s perspective” on Facebook and give you the credit that you wrote this quote?

  • agnes grace hanson

    Sunday Jan 13, 2013

    I read this quote today after i came home from church. We had a guest speaker. His message had nothing to do about how much Jesus loves me but it was all about having faith in how I must love God and commit my life to Him so i can go to heaven. It was a very strong and hard teaching. It made me sad for him that he didn’t seem to experience God’s joy. I am so glad for people like you, steve mcvey, andrew farley and many more who have told me all about grace and the truth that Jesus loves me so much that even after hearing this speaker, even when i felt so worn out like i had just gone to battle, God told me, through this quote you wrote (Heaven’s Perspective) how much He loves me and not how much i have to love God through this preacher man’s message.