About Mick

Hi, I’m Mick Mooney. Welcome to my website. I’m glad you found your way here.

So… about me? O.K, here are a few things:

I’m an author. I’ve published several books, all of them revolving around the spiritual theme of God’s love and grace.

My debut novel God’s Grammar is out now.

My three non-fiction books are:

1. Look! The Finished Work Of Jesus
2. The Gospel Cannot Be Chained
3. God’s Grace Apart From Law

They are all available as paperback and also on Kindle.

… some other interesting things about me…

I’m a cartoonist. I was first published in a national magazine in when I was 16. It was my moment of cartooning glory. As it turned out, it was my only moment of published glory as a cartoonist. These days I have my own online comic strip called Searching For Grace. It is a comical look at a 21st Century charismatic church pushed to the extremes. Is it funny? I’ll let you decide on that.

In high school, after auditioning to join a band as the singer and being told rather bluntly that I couldn’t sing to save my life, I placed an ad in a music magazine the same day for a bassist, guitarist and drummer and started my own band anyway – and yes, if you insist on knowing, it’s true – we rocked.

I’m a husband and a father. I’ve been married for 4 years to Mira, and we have a beautiful baby girl. She’s the best thing that ever happened to me. Love, love, love being a dad.

I studied full-time in a Bible College for three years, but please don’t hold that against me.

I try not to take myself to seriously. It’s good for my health and sanity. I write on quite deep and important issues of faith, and so I like to also use my fictional character Pastorman as my creative outlet for silliness.

I believe coffee, beer & chocolate are fine to consume so long as they are made with organic ingredients.

If you like, you can follow me on twitter and facebook, but I draw the line there. You’re not allow to follow me home, that would be a little too weird.

Blue skies,
Mick Mooney

  • Bethany Nixon

    I came across your stuff on Amazon, while looking for books like Benjamin Dunn’s “Happy Gospel”. Just sayin’ ;) Anyways, I was wondering if you might be coming back here to Australia anytime soon to speak or do a book signing? I was also wondering if your church was into “The Finished work of Jesus” before you went off to Germany ..or, if they weren’t into it, and if that was the reason why you left Australia? I’m curious because it feels like this gospel is spreading like wildfire back in America and even England and South Africa, but since moving to Australia, I’ve only met 2 people (in NSW) that are into this grace gospel. So, I thought you might be able to tell me where the Grace crowd hangs out in Aus, OR if you have any idea why this good news is not catching on as quick in the land down under? I hope that’s not too lame of a question..

    • Sandra

      Hi Bethany. I’m in NSW as well and like you haven’t come across too many people who believe and live this stuff either!

      • Ryan

        Hey Bethany and Sandra! Please email me if you read this :) I’m in Brisbane ! ryan@ryandrake.com :)