Meeting The Muse

An entertaining and inspiring tale that personifies Inspiration and takes the main character, Milton, on a tour of ‘the Mansion of the Muse’. This book seeks to answer the question: “How can I tap into my inspiration, and what happens once I do?” An inspiring book that uses the power of storytelling to educate and inspire the reader to pursue their goals creatively and with a good dose of hustle.

Key Themes

 Creativity, Productivity & Purpose

SNAP: Everyone Has A Breaking Point

A novel that highlights the lure of creating a persona to achieve a desired success and the compounding problems it creates. Through the conflict rich scenes, the characters draw the reader into the emotional roller-coster they are riding in the pursuit to move from persona to authenticity, and from isolation to true connection in their relationships.

Key Themes

 Ambition, Authenticity, & Connection

God’s Grammar

A novel that investigates the inner emotions and outer actions of the main character in through an intriguing day of events. This story is an entertaining journey using grammar as a framework to showcase the often felt but rarely spoken truths about how we think about ourselves and others.

Key Themes

 Emotional Intelligence, Mindset, & Psychology