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Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 2.39.47 PMA little while back I got the chance to interview author & popular blogger Jeff Goins ( and we discussed a heap of interesting things. We talked a lot about our faith, and how we go about sharing our thoughts and creative ideas through writing.

Jeff is a very cool guy, and there are a few things he shared in this interview that I’ve been pondering on for weeks since. If you are interested in writing or blogging, then Jeff is a great guy to connect with, as he offers a lot of advice and resources to writers. He’s got a few books out there on writing and also wrote a book last year called ‘Wrecked’ that reached the top 20 on amazon’s best sellers list in the week of release.

Also, he is a fun guy. I think you’ll enjoy hearing what he has to say in the interview. You can listen below. You can also connect with Jeff on his blog, on twitter, and on facebook. You can listen to the interview below.

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My Jar Of Clay And My Confession…

In this life, we live in the tension. We are still in our ‘earthen vessels’ (as the Apostle Paul put it) and yet living in a very present spiritual reality that makes us one with God. The spirit within has been set free and found its home united with the Divine, but the body, oh the body, well, that still part of this world. It’s wearing down. It’s getting a little stiffer. It’s fading away.

© by Marion Doss

I like how the Apostle Paul was always honest to the reality of ‘this life’ realities related to still having a human body, and at the same time was never shaken by it, but rather encouraged that as these bodies we have wear away, our inner man, our spiritual being, the new creation we have become within ourselves, within the heart of God, within the reality of Christ, that reality is being renewed day by day, even in the face of a body wearing away.

So here we are. Enjoying this present walk with God, with one another, with the chance to love in a world full of judgement and pain, to be a light in a broken world, and a light even in our own broken bodies.

But sometimes, I just can’t help but start dreaming about the day. You know ‘the day’, that wonderfully glorious day when we drop out of these ‘tents’ (as the Apostle Peter put it) and are clothed with our eternal, heavenly bodies. The great God sized bodies. The perfect, unbreakable bodies. The bodies that perfectly reflect our new creation spirit we already have abiding in us.

Yes, I must confess…

Sometimes I want to jump out of my skin already, turn as a soar away and laugh at the jar of clay I called my body and take off at top speed, flying through the universe in my God sized spirit. Ah, it’s so nice to enjoy this life for all the love, goodness, and even struggles we walk through, but one day, I’ll be flying in limitless freedom, holding the galaxies in my hands and laughing at what it truly means to be one with the Divine.

Not just me or course, you’ll be there too. Yes, one day we’ll be laughing together as we roam the New Creation together, laughing and enjoying our united love. United spirit. United peace. Unending. Unbreakable. Unfailing – and our wonderful God will be right there with us, smiling as he watches us enjoy every moment of his divine plan now fully outworked in everlasting glory.

Good News: All My Books Now On Kindle!

KindleHi all, just wanted to share with you that all my books are now live and available in the kindle store on I have also discounted the price as much as I can to allow everyone the chance to purchase and read my books. So now the kindle price for all my books is: $2.99.

As you can imagine researching, preparing, writing, editing and designing (plus working with printers, publishers and distributors) is rather time consuming, and so while I’d love to give all my work away for free (which actually I did with most of my work up to this point) I hope to create a way to earn an income through my writing to give me the opportunity to spend more time working on writing projects in the future.
Mick Mooney's Books On Kindle

If you enjoy my work, it would be great if you would consider adding my books to your digital reading library. For those who don’t have a kindle, you can still buy and read kindle books on your PC, you only have to download kindle’s free reading app. (click here to download it)

So, I’ve arrived in Kindleland, and I’m happy about it 🙂

Have a wonderful week all.

Blue skies,