What Does God Do When We Are Overwhelmed By Disappointment?

In this life disappointment is something we all face. Some are larger than others; some break our bank accounts, others break our hearts. It is in these times of disappointment we wish we could just transport ourselves to heaven and forget about the problems and burdens associated with this life, but it doesn’t seem to work all that often.


It seems to me, it’s in our moments of disappointment, when we just want to find ourselves in God, that God shows himself in us.

We naturally think it would be better by far, in these sad moments, for us to have a vision of ourselves sitting in heavenly places with Christ, but perhaps God wants to show us a vision he finds more important for us in these moments; a vision of Him sitting with us here on earth.

God is not only the divinely powerful King who reigns high above all powers and authorities. He is the father who loves us so deeply he would rather strip himself of glory so he can sit with us in our humble state and comfort us. His word of promise is true for our lives in the good times and bad: He will never leave us, nor forsake us.

We have such a wonderful inheritance coming, an eternity where there will be no tears, and no disappointments. Until then, we may still face times of trouble, but Jesus encouraged us to take heart in these times, for he has already overcome the world.

God’s eternal plan is to take us all to the highest point of emotional glory, but he also wants us to know he will stay with us as we walk this journey of faith, and will hold us even in the lowest points of emotional distress we face along the way.

The waves of life may break over us, but the God who loves is still holding us. I pray you would feel his loving embrace today, and that his love and grace would bring you the comfort you need.

No matter what happens, God is with us.

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