Sometimes In Your Faith Journey You Have To Run Alone

April 24, 2013 — 8 Comments

When we seek the truth, it is a natural reaction that we will no longer be in the same place and believing the same things as everyone else who has a mutual faith in Jesus. As soon as we seek to understand our faith on an individual level with the Spirit of God leading us rather than simply agreeing with the group doctrines and dogmas, we face the moment I’m talking about.

It’s the moment we realize that our faith is not as simple as we first thought. That there are many questions we have, that God is encouraging us to ask, that the group doesn’t want to talk about; questions the group doesn’t want to ask. But we know if we don’t follow the leading of the Spirit, then we will lose our own passion for being led by the Spirit all together. If we follow the Spirit, to seek, to question, to look for the answers God has laid out before our path, we are only doing what is natural in our walk of faith following Christ.

When we seek the truth, it is a natural reaction that we will no longer be in the same place and believing the same things as everyone else who has a mutual faith in Jesus. It’s that way because it’s a journey. Like a marathon. Everyone is on the journey, but at different places.

The problem with religion is it wants everyone to be in a straight line, arms locked, along the journey. The result is nobody is able to go at their own natural pace, and without the ability to go as the Spirit leads you, you quickly become complacent and lose the desire to seek truth at all. You simply allow others to set the pace, to pull you along, and subtly ‘group think & group belief’ replaces your own ability to think as an individual, to seek, and know what you believe. But to take your own steps in the search of truth, at the pace the Spirit leads you with, is the very essence of what you need to follow Christ. Don’t be afraid of it, don’t deny it; rather, embrace it. To sacrifice it for the sake of keeping the group happy is not a sacrifice I think God is asking for.

God wants us to seek him, and if we are to do that, there are times when we have to leave the pack and seek at our own pace. We’re not forsaking the group, but we are accepting that we can’t all believe the same thing at the same time, perhaps when we meet at the end of the race we will. But along the journey, sometimes we have to run a stretch of the path alone; sometimes we have to run even when the group behind us doesn’t understand why. And sometimes we have to run even when we don’t know why. All we know is we are being led, and our heart desires the truth over all.

The journey is long, and the path is not easy, but it is our calling. It is our passion. It is our way.

Run it well.

  • Shawn Spjut

    Your post resonates with my own journey. For as long as I can remember. I would hear pastors or leaders say things like “This is what God is saying…” but in my mind I’d hear, “Well, that’s not what He’s saying to me.” Sad part was,it took a long time before I realized that sometimes to follow after the Lord, you have to leave the pack – and that its a good thing – not a rebellious or deceived thing. I have many friends in the vortex of similar experiences, struggling against religious traditions that warn them – if they leave the pack, they will lose their way. But what if staying in the pack is worse than losing your way? Isn’t one of the paradigms of the gospel – to get found, we must first be lost?

  • Kay

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Perfect time for me to see this.

  • Sharon

    I needed to hear this, no one in my current sphere sees it the same.. Online yes but not around me.. It does seem I’m running alone and it’s not made sense but it so helps to see this happens to others!! Thank you!!

  • ilene

    i always thought i was weird or something, being a new christian, because it seemed that no one else was seeing what i was seeing, or hearing what i was hearing, that is, the set up within the church. i would go home crying, not understanding why, but would pray in the Spirit. i had no one to talk to about it because one could tell that they would not understand, but as i talked with God everyday, i could trust Him and His leading, and i grew along the way spiritually gaining more insight into what was taking place. [i read the Bible, and read alot of Christian books.] then i began to truly see and truly hear in my walk with God to a deeper level than others who just sat in church doing the lesser. i so much desired more of Him, that i did get more! but trials did come, and even severer trials! but i have grown in them. now i’ve reached a strange point in my life, and do not know what to do, but, God does, and He will reveal in time. mick, what you wrote was a blessing! thank you!

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  • Kevin

    This is something I’ve been struggling on and off with for some time now. It’s difficult, because I no longer see eye to eye with 99% of the Christians I rub shoulders with…including my wife, which is doubly difficult. Sometimes I think I should just get back in line and re-conform to the program. It seems like it would just be easier. When I start to go down that road, though, I get a really uneasy feeling in my spirit about it; like God is calling me back. For the first time in my life, I feel Him leading me, rather than mindlessly following the masses, and I’m not willing to let go of Him, even if that means having to walk alone.

  • Ben

    It’s so encouraging for my own journey what you are talking about. thanks a lot!

  • Chancellor Carlyle Roberts, II

    With Christ we are never alone. However, “no prophecy of scripture is of any private interpretation” (2 Peter 1:20). We also need to be careful we don’t end up becoming “Lone Ranger Christians.”