Freedom from Indoctrination

Outsiders GuideIt is the invention of man—under the banner of religion—to indoctrinate people into a rigid set of beliefs. But Jesus, it seems to me, was fundamentally opposed to forcing a dogmatic set of beliefs on anyone.

What does this show us? It shows us that God himself will not indoctrinate you into a belief system. He will call you to follow him, and he will stir your heart with questions, and if you take the courageous step of faith to ask those questions, he will be a light upon your feet as you search for the answers.

Seek, and you shall find. You want truth? Yes, I bet you do, and that’s important, because on this journey of discovering truth you must first have the courage to ask questions; not easy questions, but the kind of questions that no man or woman, no one else but but the Spirit of God within you, can answer.

Do you want to know more than tradition, more than the doctrines religion has handed down from generation to generation? Do you want more? Do you want to know the cosmic-sized reality of truth in all its glory and be set free by it? Good. I’ll throw out my thoughts that I’ve been mulling over. Some ideas that might stir your imagination, or help you see things from a different perspective.

But if you want to really know the truth, you won’t find it by reading this, or any book, you’ll find it when you start asking questions yourself, when you find the courage needed to embark—with the Spirit within you as your guide—on an adventure of discovery, a seeking of truth for yourself.

A word of warning: If you have the courage to question everything, then get ready to have your theological world rocked. Remember, the first thing we do when we come into contact with a new perspective that directly challenges our own is to go on the defense. That’s a natural reaction. We automatically try to defend our position. But if we desire to seek the truth, and to grow in the cosmic-sized reality of truth, we must get used to our own perspectives and paradigms being shifted, or even completely replaced.

In our honest pursuit of understanding the truth, we’re not going to replace Jesus, but perhaps Jesus will replace some of our long-held doctrines and dogmas. Perhaps he’ll even turn our entire theological foundation on its head.

An excerpt from my forthcoming book, out Aug 26: An Outsider’s Guide to the Gospel.
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