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Mick is an experienced and passionate communicator well known for his unique insights into human behaviour and what motivates people’s actions (and inaction). He has an extensive professional background in publishing, marketing & sales, and thought leadership.

Mick is the founder of Empower Sales, a training and consultation company that focuses on empowering organisations to increase their sales through enhancing their customer experience.

One & two day interactive workshops designed to educate and equip organsations with practical tools and clear frameworks for personal and professional development.
Keynote Speaking

Inspiring keynote presentations designed to empower individuals, teams and organisations to achieve personal and professional strategic goals.
Executive Coaching

Executive coaching on developing the skill of storytelling to drive organisational change, develop company culture, and achieve strategic objectives.

Strategy Story building with executive teams to develop a compelling story to frame their strategy, resulting in greater understanding and buy in across the organisation.

Behind everything Mick does is passion, drive for success, talent and vision for what he is trying to achieve. He is very inspirational to work with and someone who gives generously of himself.

Trish NoakesFounder, Just Better Care

It is such a privilege to work with Mick and experience his generous spirit and positive energy. He overlays well-considered and executed strategy with his abundant creative talent. He is a natural communicator who builds strong relationships with clients that inspire and empower.

Roslyn RichardsonDirector, Crescendo Communications

I worked with Mick on shaping the story of our brand. His ability to facilitate finding the essence of our brand and the formulating the narrative to share with the marketplace is the best I've experienced.

Stephen MorrisCEO, Professional Whey