Everyone in business wants more sales, but getting them is the challenge. So if the game is to get more sales, what is at our disposal to supercharge our sales outcomes? The Superpowers I think we all can activate is: belief, enthusiasm, & authenticity.

People who are enthusiastic about their products and services sell more products and services. It’s that simple. But here’s the rub. It can’t be faked. Enthusiasm has to be real. You have to genuinely get excited when you talk to people about your services.

When you are sharing your business offer with enthusiasm there comes a moment–an almost tangible moment–when the listener enters into that enthusiasm with you. It is usually at the point when you seriously would like to step in and buy what you are selling yourself; when you feel your own belief at its highest peak. That’s the moment when they have made a subconscious decision to trust you, and take seriously the opportunity to buy what you are offering.

It is an incredible statement, but I believe it’s true that a buyer’s decision making process actually has more to do with the belief the seller has in the product than the belief the buyer has that it will solve their problem. The buyer is the one making the decision, but don’t underestimate the influence of authentic enthusiasm plays in the process. It’s huge.

The reason for this is that the brain considers enthusiasm mixed with authenticity as proof of belief, and belief is a right-brain trigger that suggest the seller can be trusted for the reason that they truly believe what they are saying (rather than just saying anything to get you to make a decision). It is good news that the brain his this Belief-Detector built in to its decision making capacity.

A simple equation the right side (The Storyteller) of the brain uses is this:

Enthusiasm + Authenticity = Belief = Can be trusted = We can let our guard down = This offer will actually solve our problem = Let’s buy.

A great service offer shared with authenticity but without enthusiasm will be received by the listener with the left side of the brain, the analytical part that processes dry data (I call this part of the brain the Number Cruncher). The left side of the brain, when pushed to make a decision (something it is terrible at) will go into paralysis by analysis, and spit out a ‘no’ response, even if the offer is really great.

Make no mistake, the Number Cruncher can add value in the decision making process, and it is in the room for your pitch every time, so don’t ignore it entirely, but at the same time understand that it is incapable of making the actual decision (in other words, sharing data won’t get you the sale). The left brain is great for working through the details, but if delegated the decision making role, well, don’t expect any decision besides ‘no’ to come from your client.

There is, after all, a reason the accounts team doesn’t make the big, bold strategic business decisions. CEOs are generally the Storytelling type; the big vision, big picture people, who are instinctive and fast movers when it comes to making decisions. That’s why they are the boss, and the same is true for our brains. The Number Cruncher part is important, but does not have decision making or leadership responsibility for You Inc, that part of your brain is the Storyteller, and the Storyteller resonates deeply with enthusiasm, with authenticity, and with belief.

Want more sales? Tap into your Superpowers: Believe more in your product or service, be more enthusiastic, and be more authentic. It is how you connect with the Storyteller/Decision Maker in your client’s mind, it’s a more interesting and enjoyable way to do business, and it will generate greater success.

Author Mick Mooney

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