My Lament And My Grace

Alone on a hill
Just his voice and mine
I poured out my sadness
To my great Divine

I held out my dry hands
I gave God my wet eyes
I looked up to heaven
and let out my cries

“The stars, Lord, they shine
They’re so easy to find
The whole world knows their place
But where, Lord, am I?

The kings, Lord, they laugh
The world follows their path
They speak, fools rejoice
But where, Lord, is my voice?

Lord, what is it worth
to love in this earth?
If no one can see
Your love burning in me?”

And there, on that hill
The Lord came to my side
He spoke in my heart
His words dried my eyes

“My child, don’t love to be seen
Love, so you yourself can see
For whenever you love
You’re looking at me”

And from that moment on
I’ve understood grace
for whenever I love
I now see God’s face

Poem By Mick Mooney