There are two ways to think about Customer Experience.

1. How does the customer feel when they interact with our brand and business?

2. How much activity is our customer engaged in within our brand and business?

The first is an experience based on feeling; the latter is an experience based on activity. This is an important distinction.

I want to make the strong suggestion to focus on activity over feeling. The major reason for this is that the more activity a customer has the more their positive feelings will increase anyway, so you get the feeling as part of the process, but also there is an economy attached to the activity based model, while there is no economy attached to the feeling based model.

I was recently explaining this concept to a client in a trendy cafe, and realised it was a perfect example for the topic. No doubt we were both impressed with the cafe. The style, the imagery, the decor and furniture; the fresh food section, the healthy raw treats, the shakes and kombucha on tap, and the delicious looking menu. The place was amazing and the vibe was exceptional. And yet, after 40 minutes we left and we only had one coffee each. Why? If the vibe was so great, and they had done such a stellar job on getting it right, why did it not convert in more sales?

The reason is this: there is no economy attached to vibe.

In this context, VIBE stands for: Very Impressed, Barely Engaged

In the cafe example, there is no doubt we were impressed, but just as true we were barely engaged. Nobody asked if we wanted another coffee. Nobody asked if we wanted to try their obviously delicious looking food. Nobody seemed interested in inviting us into more activity in their cafe. They were letting the vibe do the selling, and it was doing a lousy job. Vibe will get you some initial attention, but please don’t expect it to do the selling for you. It will let you down.

So what is the alternative? How about instead of focusing on VIBE you focus on LOVE? That’s right, because when it comes to the customer experience, there is an incredible love economy you can tap into.

In this context, LOVE stands for: Leveraged opportunity, Value Exchanged

The opportunity in this case is your business. You and your staff are in the position to leverage this opportunity, and if you don’t leverage that opportunity nobody will, especially not your customers. Taking proactive steps to invite customers into an enhanced customer experience through greater activity is firstly an acceptance of true leadership, and secondly, a more enjoyable and profitable way of doing business.

Activity based Customer Experience is all about taking leadership seriously and ensuring customers are invited to engage more, rather than abdicating the leadership opportunity and hoping customers will engage more because you have created a great vibe.

If you want to take enhancing your Customer Experience seriously, think less about vibe and more about love. Sure, we all enjoy a good VIBE, but remember this: LOVE is always a greater experience for everyone involved.